About Us

ALAYE ECO ENERGY LIMITED is formed from the basis of Sustainable Energy Engineering with the aspiration to reach the highest of heights in the energy industry. We design and supply Solar Energy and inverter systems for Residential, Health, Oil & Gas, entertainment, sports centre, business complexes and Telecoms applications. The Health, Oil & Gas, Telecom industries are faced with the challenges of providing power to remote areas. We are into Biogass technology as well for domestic and industrial utilization. We are dedicated and disciplined to ensure reliable and efficient green power in most remote environment. Our partnership with major international equipment manufacturers IOEMS and our knowledge in the industry has given us the skills and the technical capability to deploy outstanding solutions in the area of Renewable energy services.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best of equipments, services and innovative skills to exceed customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to become a leading Innovative and Manufacturing Renewable Energy Company in africa and beyond.

Technical Objective

We aim to develop and design systems that:
• Realize major reduction of conventional energy consumption e.g. diesel fuel
• provide maximum cost effective approaches
• Ensure 24/7 highly reliable quality power including redundancy
• Are fully compliant with oil & gas and telecoms operational specification.
• Encourage the use of renewable energy that in turn will promote a healthy environs
• Fast response service and  support
Our solar power & inverter-system services include:
• Residential houses
• Office complexes
• Hospital and laboratories
• Rural areas e.g. power and water supply
• Oil and gas facilities in remote areas
• Research facilities and power-critical operations
• Street lighting, security lighting and area lighting
• Fast response service and support